About Us


"AlligatorBoss.com was created out of a desire to supply men with a fine taste for high quality exotic dress shoes and hats to have a one stop shopping reliable experience for unique and stylish products."    Aaron Sarfati - President

AlligatorBoss.com is an online subsidiary of ContempoSuits.com. We have been in the men's fashion business since 1983 and have over 110,000 Customers since 2006 providing thousands of happy customers stylish menswear and dress shoes. Aaron Sarfati has a passion for hand-made luxury shoes for men and can recite in detail the entire process of how they are made. In 2016 he decided to have a dedicated website for men who love alligator shoes with exotic style and decided to fill it with the most popular hand made exotic skin dress shoes such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich in brand names you can trust.

Our mission to provide you the customer with the very latest exotic alligator shoes,loafers and crocodile skin dress shoes from the leading high quality designers like Mezlan, Belvedere shoes and Mauri of Italy. Men who respect quality and appreciate style and dressing to impress are the clients we want to make happy and keep them looking like a BOSS in shiny exotic skin alligator dress shoes and more.