Belvedere Men's Black Alligator Loafer Plain Toe Genova

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Belvedere Black Alligator Men Shoes Plain Toe Rome. Once you develop a tasted for Belvedere alligator shoes it will be hard for you to wear anything less. That is because when it comes to shoes or alligator shoes for that matter, Belvedere is simply the best quality you can get regardless of brand. These fine Belvedere black alligator shoes with the plain toe style are not so much made as they are created. Hand created that is by veteran shoe artisans who make them completely inside and out by hand. They cut the alligator skin and leather by hand. They hammer the hand carved leather heels by hand and they hand hammer the nails on the uppers smooth before they get sewn onto the leather soles. All by hand. That is why once you treat yourself to a pair of fine Belvedere black alligator shoes, you won't want to wear mass produced shoes again.

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