Belvedere Alligator Shoes Mens Brown Double Monk Strap Oscar

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Jump up few notches in style wearing a pair of Belvedere brown double monk strap alligator shoes. The burnished toe on these chocolate brown color alligator shoes feature a flavor that you want to be seen sporting. That is because these are the real McCoy crocodile shoe by Belvedere. Featuring Italian inspired design and craftsmanship that you will recognize immediately when you open that box. These brown double monk strap alligator shoes feature a smooth toe style in a full lace up and got the quality and style you want from Belvedere shoes.

If you wonder what makes owning a pair of genuine alligator shoes special and why they cost the amount they cost. It's all about rarity and quality. With all things being equal, alligator shoes from Belvedere are completely made by hand. The shoe artisans who fashion these fine shoes have been making hand made shoes for at least a dozen years before they are even allowed to touch the precious alligator skin that is used on these shoes. A shoe company like Belvedere simply cannot take a chance of having a rookie shoemaker make an error in either cutting,trimming or sewing the crocodile skin. The skin is just too valuable to make a mistake for a do over. That is why any one who makes these fine hand made shoes has to apprentice for so many years until they are completely ready to make a pair of fine crocodile shoes for Belvedere.

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