Belvedere Mens Tan Ostrich Skin Top Shoes Split Toe Biagio

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Belvedere Men Sport Tan Ostrich Shoes Burnished Toe Umberto. If you prefer the good stuff, you must be in the market for Belvedere ostrich shoes. Belvedere makes all of their fine shoes by hand and their crocodile shoes are just breath taking to look at and even feel breath taking on your feet. These almond tan color shoes have a sleek Italian style smooth toe look and feature style that won't go out of style making these Belvedere crocodile shoes keepers for you to treasure for years to come. Hand made.

Why buy Belvedere Shoes. The answer is quite simple. It's all about quality and style. First and foremost, you need to be fan of exotic shoes like crocodile shoes to begin with. You already like the way that crocodile shoes look and what they say about you. Buying Belvedere shoes makes sense because they are all finely constructed hand made crocodile shoes. If you have never bought a pair before, you'll know immediately once you start simply opening the shoe box and seeing that Belvedere crocodile shoes come in flannel shoe bags to protect these fine crocodile shoes. Then you start to slide out a shoe out of the flannel dust bag and feel it's heft. They feel expensive. They will be slightly heavier than mass marketed dress shoes because they are made of full leather inside and out. The rich aromas that the leather gives off is intoxicating and rich. The lambskin interior linings are full and buttery soft. You know that when you slip your foot into this shoe, your feet will feel like they are in heaven indeed.

Turn the shoe over and inspect the sole and heel. You'll also see that there is a large amount of nothing but shoe sole leather used. There is no corner cutting on a pair of Belvedere shoes and it shows. The soles look so nice and artfully made, it's like they want to show you how special Belvedere shoes are. There are real brass nails in the heels on some models that had to be hand hammered. You'll see the fine stitch work as well around the sole of these fine crocodile shoes.


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