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Alligator Shoe Blog

Where are Belvedere shoes made?

Belvedere shoes are made in Mexico. They are produced in a small factory that employs veteran shoe artisans that are trained in the Italian methods of shoemaking. In order to produce the very best quality shoes, the shoe artisans must apprentice for
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Who makes good Alligator shoes?

The easy answer on who makes good alligator shoes is pretty simple. Most of the companies that make them. The reason is that the overwhelming majority of shoe companies that make real exotic skin shoes are small shoe craftsmen who have generations of
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How do you take care of Alligator Shoes?

How do you take care of alligator shoes isn't rocket science. The first pair of alligator shoes you buy is a turning point in your life. It's no different than buying your first luxury car. It tells you that you have arrived as a man with both
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