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Is Mezlan a Good Brand?

Are Mezlan Shoes Good?

Yes. Mezlan is a Good Brand. The combination of Style, Quality Construction, and Fine Leather makes them some of the best shoes available.

For anyone who recently came across the Mezlan shoe brand recently and asked "is Mezlan a good brand?", the answer is that it is one of the best. Mezlan shoes are entirely made by hand by highly skilled shoe artisans who make each pair of shoes one at a time. The quality of the leather used in their shoes is second to none. Each shoe artisan who makes their shoes needs a minimum of 3 years of apprenticeship before they can make shoes on their own. It is a long time trade that often gets passed down from father to son. 

The quality and fit of Mezlan shoes are every bit as good as bigger Italian shoe designers that generally cost a few hundred more for a comparable style. All of the shoes are made in one specific factory to keep quality at its highest level and uniform consistency. Since they are exclusively made by hand, Mezlan's feature quality touches that you only find in hand-constructed shoes. Things like being made of full leather from top to bottom. When a shoe is made of leather inside and out, that generally tells you that the shoes are good and made to last. Lesser quality shoes will use synthetic materials like cloth or vinyl which simply isn't as durable as fine leather. Mezlan shoes also have a full leather lined interior for superior comfort and sweat absorption. Try finding that in a cheap pair of shoes. You can't. Another feature that makes Mezlan shoes a good brand is that the soles are full leather and handmade to be resoled. That ensures a long-lasting pair of shoes and that you can get them resoled and where them for several more years. These are all the features that make Mezlan a great shoe brand. Read our other blog post: Why Mezlan shoes are must have for every stylish gentleman here.