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Where are Belvedere shoes made?

Belvedere Shoes are Produced in Mexico.

They are produced in a small factory that employs veteran shoe artisans who are trained in the Italian methods of shoe making. In order to produce the very best quality shoes, the shoe artisans must apprentice for several years before they are allowed to make shoes on their own. The reason is simple. Making fine shoes is not easy, and using expensive materials like real alligator skin is never taken lightly. There simply cannot be any mistakes made when it comes to the cutting and stitching of these fine skins.The Italian shoe makers that train the apprentices ensure that the craftsmanship that makes Italian shoes famous is passed on from generation to generation. Each pair of shoes that Belvedere makes is checked and re-examined to make sure that the quality is simply second to none. Their demand for the very best is why you can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality,

high-end product. For more information, read the blog post: Are Belvedere Shoes Good: Exploring the Quality and Comfort