Belvedere Shoes Men's Camel Ostrich Leg Skin Eel Brogue Nino 0B4

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Belvedere Shoes Men's Camel Ostrich Leg Skin Eel Brogue Nino 0B4. With Belvedere shoes, you can expect luxury and style all in one. These fine crafted high end dress shoes are made of fine exotic animal skins that are for the style minded man. Ostrich mens shoes like these are usually seen on well-dressed men who favor the finer things in life. These camel color dress shoes feature a stylish combo of ostrich leg skin with supple eel in a style that is pure Italian through and through. Hand made.

Potential customers who never bought a pair of Belvedere shoes before may ask why they cost as much as they do. The short and simple answer is that they are just better than other brands of mass produced shoes. The long and drawn out answer is that they are completely made by hand. From the time that the shoes are designed on paper by an experienced shoe designer. The exotic skins and leathers that the shoes are made from are completely cut and trimmed by hand with a razor sharp knife. These shoes are made by people who have been making shoes for years and some for generations. In fact, their whole family may be a family of experiences shoe makers.

There are simply no short cuts in making fine quality exotic skin shoes like Belvedere. After the skins are measured and cut, they are carefully sewn into the leather uppers and a full lambskin lining is crafted as well to be joined with the upper part of the shoes. At the same time the sole and heel part of the Belvedere's are both cut and carved of thick durable shoe sole leather which gets both glued, sewn and tacked into crude looking forms before final finishing. Once the upper part of the shoes are attached by both small nails and sewing, the sole and heel are sanded and finished into the final product. All of these steps take plenty of man hours which is why a Belvedere shoes cost as much as they do.

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