Belvedere Shoes of Italy Black Stylish Crocodile Bike Toe Chapo

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Get Your crocodile shoe fix with crocodile shoes by Belvedere. The Chapo is a full crocodile skin shoe featuring handmade construction with a full leather lining and full handmade leather sole. The shoe is Italian in design and has the style that makes compliments happen. Crocodile shoes are always a fun way to get dressed when getting noticed is the goal. You'll find that whenever you go somewhere wearing a pair of crocodile shoes people will start to ask you questions and give you compliments on how sharp they look. Some men will naturally ask questions like, what are they made of or where did you get them. How much did they set you back. Things like that. That is what it will be like if you start wearing crocodile skin shoes especially by Belvedere shoes.

You may have questions like how to wear a pair of crocodile shoes or how to care for them. Owning a pair of these fine exotic skin shoes is not as hard as you think. You can pretty much wear a pair of black crocodile shoes with any type of dress clothes. Pick out a dark pair of slacks whether they are grey or black. Throw on either a dress shirt and maybe a jacket and you're set. Now take a look at the mirror and see what you look like. Stylish right. It doesn't take much at all to wear crocodile shoes when you want to make that move. Taking care of them is a cinch as well. When you're done wearing the shoes, you can take a slightly damp rag and wipe them down. After take a dry rag and wipe off any moisture that will be on the shoes and put them away in their shoe bags and back into the box to keep dust off of them so your crocodile shoes will be showroom ready for the next venture. Learn How Belvedere Shoes are Made.

What makes Belvedere shoes so special is a question that may get asked from time to time. Our eyes always allow us to gauge what we want or like to have. Belvedere designs all of their fine shoes in Italy by very talented shoe designers. They come up with these great looking styles every season with attention to color and styles which makes it almost impossible not to drool over. The shoe styles are always style driven but you can always be sure that you'll get plenty of wear because their styles do last season after season. It's not like some shoe brands that make a style that is out of style in that same season never to be worn again. With Belvedere, you can rest assure that you'll be more than able to wear them for several years enjoying the style that they possess as well as quality. Their young but very talented shoe designers make sure that any pair you buy are in Vogue but as stated previously will have a lasting effect so you get to enjoy wearing them as many times as you wish. If you pay attention to style, you should easily notice that twice a year fashion houses come up with their new styles. Whether the styles are shoes or clothing, you will see new designs implemented. There are usually styles that are either avant-garde that are so high fashion that few people will want to wear them or if they are wearable, they will literally last only one season, then there are new styles that are also fashion focused but you can tell that they have shelf life so the person who owns the shoes can wear them for several seasons without the them looking dated. Belvedere is the latter. You know that when you invest in these fine hand made shoes that you're certainly going to be able to enjoy them for several years without issue.

One of the other main reasons why you should consider buying a pair of Belvedere shoes is their stellar reputation for quality. These fine exotic crocodile shoes, as well as others are handmade completely in the Blake Construction method of shoe making. When you first receive your shoes and take them out of the box. You'll immediately feel some heft to them. They weigh a bit more than cheaper dress shoes and reason is pretty simple. Every pair of Belvedere shoes are made fully of leather or exotic skin inside and out. Take a good look at the hand carved sole and heel and notice the brass tacks they use and the precision stitch work on the sole. It's all leather and stacked leather for the sole. It's made to last and dense shoe sole leather used naturally gives these shoes a welcome quality heft that you simply can not imitate on cheap shoes. Since these shoes are made with the Blake construction method, you will be able to resole the shoes when the time comes so you can keep enjoying them and dress to impress. On a cheap pair of shoes, once they start to wear it's time to throw them away. They are not made to last like these shoes are. The interior of the shoes are fully lined with buttery lambskin leather that your foot will beckon to slip into. You're not going to find that at all in a pair of cheap shoes either. You'll be lucky if they put cheap leather in only half of the interior of the shoe with a cheap fabric lining where you can't see but your feet can feel. With a pair of Belvedere shoes, you can just tell that they did not cut corners in any way shape or form when they designed and made them. Belvedere make their shoes to last and make them to look great that you'll proudly wear every chance you get.

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