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What are Mauri Shoes?

If you are new to the world of high-end men's shoes, you may have come across the Mauri brand. What are Mauri shoes? Mauri is a luxury brand that specializes in exotic animal skin shoes that are made by hand in Italy. You will find that they hand cut, carve and sew all of their finely made shoes by hand. Their audience base are men who not only favor and appreciate wearing alligator shoes but desire their shoes to have cutting edge style. Read our other blog post and learn why Mauri shoes are the perfect blend of Italian style here.

There are a dozen or so shoe companies that you could buy real alligators shoes from, what sets Mauri apart is that the styles they create have a more sleek and high-fashion look to them. While other alligator shoe makers simply make Italian style shoes that are simply made of exotic skins, Mauri takes them to the next level with sleeker designs, bolder colors and fancier fashion looks completely designed for the point of getting you noticed when that is what you seek for your sense of style. Men who like to dress in a flashier manner when they go out are usually the type of customer who become a fan of wearing Mauri shoes. 

Since, Mauri is a fashion house brand, they release entirely new collections twice a year. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. You will never see them make the same style shoe the following year. It is always a completely brand new collection to keep things fresh and keep Mauri fans craving more.