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Who makes good Alligator shoes?

The easy answer on who makes good alligator shoes is pretty simple. Most of the companies that make them. The reason is that the overwhelming majority of shoe companies that make real exotic skin shoes are small shoe craftsmen who have generations of shoe-making knowledge. Since alligator shoes are generally a luxury product, the shoes are always made completely by hand and completely out of alligator skin and full leather interiors and soles. You won't see this type of quality on mass produced shoes anywhere because it is a numbers game. Alligator shoes being made by hand take time. They can only make so many in a day. There are only so many people who have the traditional skills that are necessary to make them. 

Mass market shoes can have hundreds of employees in a factory with some people manning one section of production and others manning other sections of shoe production. On a hand made alligator shoe, the entire shoe is generally made from start to finish by either one or two people who know all the steps on how to make them. Belvedere and Mauri are two designer brands that specialize in making exotic skin shoes like alligator. They both use the old-fashioned Italian methods of shoe-making that guarantee you a top-quality shoe that not only looks great on your feet but feels great on your feet. For more information, learn what makes alligator shoes so expensive here. Read our other blog post:

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