Mens Unique Black Beige Two Tone Alligator Skin Shoes by Ferrini 203/528

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Chillax in style with real alligator shoes by Ferrini, Alligator shoes have always been king of the hill because they are the rarest of all exotic skin shoes compare to anything else. These black and beige two tone cap toe shoes feature all over alligator skin in black and beige in a spectator style that just plain works. Hand made construction is just the icing on the cake.

Some people who are new to exotic skin shoes always inquire the reason why alligator shoes are expensive and the answers are twofold. First off, alligator skin is not grown on trees and there are a limited supply of alligators that are slaughtered for food and therefore access to their skins are limited as well. It's marketing 101. Supply and demand. There are only so many pairs of alligator shoes made each year which is a limited number compared to regular leather shoes. There is tons of traditional calfskin leather on the market but alligator is rare indeed and limited.

The other main reason that makes alligator shoes anything but cheap is the fact that they are completely inside and out made by hand. Since there is a tight supply of these gator skins available, they only get used by the best of the best shoe makers in the world, primarily in Italy. Italy and Spain are known for their shoe factories that produce hand made shoes the old fashioned way. The skins used on the shoes are completely cut by hand, sewn by hand and the soles and heels are hand carved, hand nailed and slowly and carefully attached to the alligator shoe upper. This is tedious and slow work so a skilled shoe maker can only make so many shoes a day and so many shoes per week. Plus, there is a rarity as well for these skilled shoe makers. It takes literally years of making hand made shoes until they are trusted to make alligator shoes. You can't allow for any mistakes in cutting, trimming or carving the soles on these shoes due to the pricey nature that alligator shoes possess.

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